STD Testing at HealthPlus Urgent Care

STD Tests in Wilmington & Middleton, MA

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections is important in supporting your overall health. If you’re looking for a full-service urgent care provider that makes the STD testing process quick and easy, look no further than HealthPlus Urgent Care. Our board-certified medical team is dedicated to providing comprehensive services for all patients, in a confidential environment. Whether you are experiencing symptoms, or wish to have peace of mind, our team has you covered. 


We encourage all sexually active individuals in the Wilmington and Middleton area to visit our center for routine STD testing. HealthPlus Urgent Care is open seven days a week and operates on a walk-in basis, so you can stop by at your convenience! If you wish to plan your visit, you can schedule a Middleton Appointment or a Wilmington Appointment online.

Types of STD Tests Available at HealthPlus Urgent Care

At HealthPlus Urgent Care, our medical providers specialize in diagnosing and treating many common sexually transmitted infections. Patients can either request a specific test or have a provider determine which test(s) is applicable for their individual situation. If you’re showing any noticeable symptoms, a provider may perform a comprehensive exam to further determine which infection(s) to test for. 


Our providers are able to test for many STIs, including:


  • Gonorrhea

  • Syphilis

  • Herpes

  • Chlamydia

  • HIV

  • Hepatitis B and C


If you have any additional questions about which STDs we test for, please don’t hesitate to contact our office directly at (978) 909-4482.

STD Diagnosis and Treatment Options

It’s important to get tested and treated if you suspect you may have a sexually transmitted infection. The first step is getting a professional diagnosis. At HealthPlus Urgent Care, a medical professional can accurately determine whether or not an infection is present and make recommendations for care if necessary. The testing process can vary depending on the type of STD being tested for, but typically involves collecting a sample. The sample is analyzed in our on-site labs, meaning you won’t have to leave the facility for your confidential diagnosis. 


If your results come back positive for an STD, our medical providers may offer treatment in the form of antibiotics or medications. We can discuss your treatment options and help you manage the symptoms. Many STDs are easily treatable, but can lead to serious complications and spreading if left untreated.

Visit HealthPlus Urgent Care for Walk-In STD Testing

If you suspect you may have an STD or simply wish to receive routine testing, HealthPlus Urgent Care has you covered. The walk-in clinic provides convenient STD testing, seven days a week. We accept most major health insurances and provide cost-effective testing options for any self-paying patient. Getting tested can help prevent the spread of STDs and protect your overall health.


If you have any additional questions about STD testing, or other urgent care services we provide, please contact us directly at (978) 909-4482.