PCR COVID-19 Testing at HealthPlus Urgent Care

COVID-19 Testing in Wilmington & Middleton, MA

At HealthPlus Urgent Care, we provide quick and accurate COVID-19 testing solutions for all patients in the community and surrounding areas. We offer walk-in PCR COVID-19 testing for individuals who suspect they may have been exposed to the virus. The PCR test is also designed to detect the virus for those who are attending an event, traveling, or returning to work/school. Our clinic provides reliable Covid testing services seven days a week.


Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or need the test for a different reason, visit HealthPlus Urgent Care today for PCR COVID-19 testing. Our team specializes in preventative and immediate Covid services– from testing to treatment. If you wish to plan your visit, you can schedule a Middleton Appointment or a Wilmington Appointment online.

Who Should Get a PCR COVID-19 Test?

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is the most reliable and accurate detection of the coronavirus. PCR COVID-19 tests are typically recommended for people who have Covid-like symptoms, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, or have recently traveled to an area with high rates of the virus. Additionally, PCR testing may be required for certain activities or events, like travel, work, and school. 


If you have developed any COVID-19 symptoms, one of our medical providers will guide you through a complete evaluation to determine the cause of your health concern. Our team will work with you to customize a testing plan that fits your specific situation– just walk-in today! 

HealthPlus Urgent Care PCR COVID-19 FAQs

Q. How does the PCR COVID-19 test work?

A. HealthPlus Urgent Care offers diagnostic Covid testing on a walk-in basis, meaning you don’t need to make an appointment beforehand. During your visit, a medical provider will collect a sample using a swab of the lower nasal cavity to detect the active virus. The swab is then processed in our on-site labs for accurate results delivered to you within the timeframe of your visit.


Q. Is the PCR COVID-19 test covered by insurance?

A. PCR COVID-19 testing is designed to fit the needs of all patients that are looking to obtain timely, accurate results for travel, work, or school. This testing is not covered by insurance, but HealthPlus Urgent Care offers competitively-low cost options for Covid testing services. We are currently charging 150$ for the PCR test. 


Q. How long does it take to get a PCR COVID-19 test?

A. Testing is quick and easy at HealthPlus Urgent Care! Our providers are able to get many patients in and out in a matter of minutes, but the exact length of time will depend on wait times that day. Once tested, your results will be available within an hour, allowing you to be in and out of the clinic as quickly as possible. Schedule an appointment online ahead of time in order to save even more time during your visit.

Visit HealthPlus Urgent Care For Your Covid Testing Needs

HealthPlus Urgent Care is committed to making healthcare accessible for all patients in the community. Our team of medical professionals can test and treat patients on a walk-in basis. If you wish to plan your visit in advance, you can schedule an appointment beforehand. Testing is available seven days a week, with the fastest and most accurate results. For more information about our PCR COVID-19 testing & treatment services, please contact our office directly at (978) 909-4482.