Lab Testing at HealthPlus Urgent Care

On-Site Lab Services Available

HealthPlus Urgent Care is equipped with lab testing services within the facility. Our state-of-the-art lab services allow our healthcare providers to provide quick and accurate diagnoses. We can detect a wide range of general illnesses and conditions through lab testing, which is essential in providing the best treatment plan possible. A provider will comprehensively examine your condition and determine which lab test is suitable for your symptoms. 


For same-day lab testing, visit he walk-in clinic at HealthPlus Urgent Care today! Our medical team specializes in providing both immediate and preventative care for all patients in Middleton, Wilmington, and surrounding areas. While we accept walk-in patients, you can plan your visit in advance by scheduling a Wilmington Appointment or a Middleton Appointment today.

Lab Tests Available in Middleton & Wilmington, MA

The lab services available at HealthPlus Urgent Care are designed with the highest accuracy and provide the quickest results. Our urgent care center offers a variety of lab tests to fit your needs– whether you’re showing illness symptoms or have work requirements. A medical provider can determine which test is right for you and recommend the best treatment regimen depending on the results. All of the lab services at HealthPlus are performed on-site for your added convenience. 


Some of the common lab testing services we provide include:



If you have any questions about the types of lab tests we offer, please contact our medical team directly at (978) 909-4482.

Diagnosing General Illnesses at HealthPlus Urgent Care

The lab tests at HealthPlus Urgent Care detect specific conditions, illnesses and infections. Once the labs are ordered, your providers will collect a sample. The process for collecting samples depends on the type of test required, but typically involves either a throat or nasal swab, urine test, or blood test. For instance, a strep throat diagnosis will generally require a sample collection from the back of the throat, whereas influenza samples may be collected from the nasal passages. After the diagnostic test is complete, results are available as quickly as possible. Your provider will explain your results and, if necessary, plan an effective treatment plan.

Visit HealthPlus Urgent Care for Lab Testing

HealthPlus Urgent Care is here to provide quality medical services when you need it. Our providers are available seven days a week. You never need an appointment for any of our urgent care services, so visit us when it’s convenient for you! We accept many insurance carriers and offer low costs for any self-pay patient. If you have any further questions about our lab testing services, please contact our team directly at (978) 909-4482.