Physical Exams at HealthPlus Urgent Care

Physical Exams in Wilmington & Middleton MA

Physical exams are necessary for a variety of reasons, including work and school requirements. You might need a physical on a short notice, and an appointment with your primary care physician is too far away. That’s why HealthPlus Urgent Care provides physical exams seven days a week on a walk-in basis. If you need a physical for work, school, or sports– visit the clinic today!


HealthPlus Urgent Care proudly serves all families in Wilmington, Middleton, and surrounding communities in Massachusetts. We offer cost-effective options for self-paying patients and accept most insurance plans. Simply walk-in to the clinic to have your physical done today! If you wish to plan your visit in advance, you can schedule a Wilmington Appointment or a Middleton Appointment.

Physical Exams Available at HealthPlus Urgent Care

Are you looking for a provider that offers certain physical exams quickly? Look no further than HealthPlus Urgent Care! Whether your child is preparing to play on a sports team, or you’re getting ready to start a new job, we have you covered. Our board-certified medical providers specialize in performing various physical exams depending on your needs. With a kid-friendly approach and a caring medical team, our urgent care center is a great resource for family care.


The types of physicals provided include:


  • Pre-employment 

  • School 

  • Sports 

  • DOT 


Please note that HealthPlus Urgent Care does not provide routine health checks. If you have any additional questions about the types of physical exams we offer, please contact us directly to speak with a member of our team.

HealthPlus Urgent Care Performs Sports Physicals

Is your child preparing to play on a sports team this year? Make sure they have an up-to-date sports physical with a visit to HealthPlus Urgent Care! Our medical providers can perform sports physical exams for your whole family- whether you are joining a competitive league or your child is returning to their school sports team. Sports physicals are a necessary part of making sure an athlete’s health and fitness is suitable for the physical demands of a sport. Sports physicals are designed to monitor an individual’s ability to participate in certain activities and check for health concerns. If a potential condition is identified, your provider may recommend further testing or lab work. Immediate, acute concerns can be addressed at the clinic. Our medical team will guide you through the process for treatment and offer advice on lifestyle changes and/or supportive care options.

A physical exam at HealthPlus Urgent Care may include:

  • Measuring height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, eyes, and ears
  • Check flexibility, joints, and strength
  • Check abdomen, lungs, and heart
  • Discussion of medical history
  • Update immunizations

What to Expect at Your Physical Exam

Physical examinations are an important way to evaluate a person’s overall health status. Depending on which physical you need, your visit will typically begin with a discussion of your medical history. During this review, please notify your provider about any medications you’re currently taking and if you are diagnosed with any underlying medical conditions. 


We review this information with our patients to determine if further testing, treatment, or medical advice is necessary. If diagnostic testing is required, our center has labs on-site that allow for quick and accurate results. After your exam is complete, a provider will discuss your results and provide recommendations for treatment or follow-up care if applicable.


At your physical exam, a medical provider may: 


  • Discussion of your medical history

  • Examination of your vital signs

  • Order laboratory work

  • Update recommend vaccines

  • Manage your prescriptions

Get a Physical Exam at HealthPlus Urgent Care

Physical exams are essential tools for maintaining good health and detecting health issues early. At HealthPlus Urgent Care, we strive to make physicals accessible for all patients. The clinic is open every day of the week, with extended weekend hours for those with the busiest schedules. Visit us at your convenience if you need a physical exam for work, sports, or school.

If you have additional questions about physical exams, or other services we provide, please contact us directly at (978) 909-4482.