General Illness Treatment at HealthPlus Urgent Care

Diagnosing & Treating Acute Illness Symptoms

At HealthPlus Urgent Care, we provide comprehensive treatment for a variety of common illnesses and health conditions. When you’re feeling under the weather, it’s important to understand what’s causing your symptoms in order to follow the right treatment plan. Our walk-in clinic has everything necessary to diagnose illnesses with accurate and fast results.


The team of licensed board-certified medical providers at HealthPlus Urgent Care are experienced in treating general illness symptoms in patients of all ages. Visit the clinic at your convenience with no appointment necessary. If you wish to plan your visit in advance, you can schedule a Wilmington Appointment or a Middleton Appointment.

General Illnesses Treated near Wilmington, MA

Whenever you’re experiencing mild to moderate illness symptoms, visit the clinic for treatment. Our goal is to provide high-quality care and personalized treatment plans to better understand your individual health needs. If you have further questions about whether or not we can treat your symptoms, please contact our office directly. 


Some of the common general illnesses we treat include:


  • Influenza (the flu)

  • Common cold

  • COVID-19

  • RSV

  • Acute bronchitis 

  • Sinus infection

  • Ear infection

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Strep throat


It’s important to note that our urgent care center can diagnose and treat acute illnesses. If your symptoms are severe, life-threatening, and seem like an emergency, it’s best to visit an ER. 

Illness Diagnosis & Treatment near Middleton, MA

There are treatments available to help alleviate symptoms for many different general illnesses at HealthPlus Urgent Care. Our team will examine your condition, assess your symptoms, and review your medical history to better understand your diagnosis. After your condition has been diagnosed, we will work with you to create a specialized treatment strategy that suits your needs. Treatment may include prescribing antibiotics or medication, and recommended advice about lifestyle or dietary changes. 


HealthPlus Urgent Care offers a variety of preventative health services, including flu shots and other recommended vaccines. Whenever you wish to speak to a professional about different ways you can support your health, come visit us today! If you require diagnosis and treatment for your illness symptoms, we have you covered.

Visit HealthPlus Urgent Care for General Illness Treatment

HealthPlus Urgent Care is here to provide quality medical treatment when you need it. Our providers are available seven days a week. You never need an appointment for any of our urgent care services, so visit us when it’s convenient for you! We accept many insurance carriers and offer low costs for any self-pay patient. If you have any further questions about general illness treatment, or other urgent care services we provide, please contact our team directly at (978) 909-4482